Currently I am teaching first-year and second-year microeconomics to PPE (Politics, Philosophy & Economics) students at The Queen’s College and Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford. In the past I taught international economics, development economics, statistical methods and even electromagnetism.


  • Introductory Micro (first-year). Taught at The Queen’s College (2016) and Wadham College (2015).
  • Mathematical methods (first-year). Taught at The Queen’s College (2016) and Wadham College (2015).
  • Core Microeconomics (second-year). Taught at The Queen’s College (2016, 2013), Corpus Christi College (2016), Wadham College (2015) and Oriel College (2013).
  • Quantitative Economics (second-year). Taught at Oriel College (2013).
  • Economics of Developing Countries (third-year). Taught at the Economics department (2014).
  • International Economics (third-year). Taught at Oriel College (2014).


  • Electromagnetism, Teaching Assistant for first-year Physics students at Utrecht University (2009).